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We offer comprehensive, individual medical service, in a pleasent atmosphere in the heart of Frankfurt. Consultation in English is available and welcome.

I specialize in taking care of the acute as well as chronic illnesses of my patients. Primary care covers internal conditions such as high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, diabetes mellitus, thyroid malfunctions, bowel diseases, prevention and detection of underlying diseases. The practice has an excellent referal network and can offer fast access to top English speaking specialists throughout the city.

A holistic approach to diagnosing and treating patients with acute or chronic pain with the combination of acupunture, osteopathy and Golgi-pain therapy, enables us to treat our patients both individually and effectively.

Additionaly I want to underline the importance of preventive medicine which can help diagnose medical conditions in early stages. In some cases long before symptoms occur. We offer a variety of individualized medical check-ups that provide you with an efficient and thorough evaluation of your health.

You can call us during our office hours or send us your preferred appointment time via e-mail.

For medical emergencies we offer acute consultations – no advance notification needed.

We are here to support you with taking action to reduce medical risks and help you stay healthy.

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